unique-book “Cosmocellular-Hypothesis”

An invisible virtual-reality of the ‘Spontaneousness’ (Autoismness) is a basic nature of the ‘Time-Autocracy’ of the Godfather-like “Constant-Space-Time (Mahakal)” of universe.

And such Autoismness (Cosmismness or Omismness) is later cosmo-inheritively encoded in every atom (as atomismness), in every living-cell (as (celluismness or bioismness) to grow & expand spontaneously or automatically.

‘Virtual-Reality”, means, it can never be directly detected or visible, but whose existence does have ‘absolute-effect’ which represents in a nonmolecularly-molecular discipline.

From, unique-book “Cosmocellular-Hypothesis”, by Dr. Kamlesh N Patel.

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