A unique book, “Cosmocellular-Hypothesis”

“Zero” divided by Zero is equal to infinity, with that, this infinity of universe is the eternity of universe, and this eternity of universe is the “Almighty of universe”.

In short, our all the visible ancient & modern knowledge, all the scientific-laws, all the numericals & mathematical principles have become zero, in a lap of such great cosmic-nothingness i.e.in a cosmic-nonmolecularismness of cosmic-zero (0) of the universally-known but yet unknown-state. —-

From a unique book, “Cosmocellular-Hypothesis”, by writer Dr Kamlesh N Patel. www.cosmocellular.com

A matter can neither create nor govern nor animate the matter, itself. After-all, the bioism (protobionts) of every living-cell is also just like an allotropic or next-form of the biological-power-point the “Soul”. Therefore, our bioatom is much more powerful than any nonliving or abiotic-atom of the material-universe.

From unique book, “Cosmocellular-Hypothesis”, written & self-published by author Dr Kamlesh N Patel (ICU-REGISTRAR).

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